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Mostar is the largest town in Herzegovina centered around its famous stone arch bridge called "Stari Most" which was built in 1566, binding two banks of the emerald-colored river Neretva. This is a city of poetry, a city of stone, sleepy, harmony, narrow, winding streets, the city of academics, friendship, love, and Velež, a local soccer team. This is a city where a traveller from the North feels first dashes of Mediteranean air imbued with scents of citrus and sea, and where a traveller from the South reaches first glimpses of the continent beyond. Here is where southern rains may change into northern snows at any moment in late fall.

In the true sense of the word, this is the city where West meets East and North meets South. It is a real melting pot of cultures and traditions. The town is exceptional for its dwellings and monuments assembled harmoniously over the centuries thanks to favourable geographical conditions and a sound economic climate. Mostar has developed on the basis of a small settlement existing already in antiquity.

To make your stay in Mostar and in our Villa as comfortable as possible, you will get a city map and all necessary information about places that you can visit during your stay in Mostar.




• The Old Bridge

The "Old Bridge" enhanced the town's development and prosperity. Mimar Hajruddin, a pupil of the famous architect Sinan (considered as the father of classic Ottoman architecture), constructed the bridge in 1566. It consisted of a humpbacked arch with an opening of 27 metres, and was 4 metres wide and 30 metres long. It stood 20 metres above the maximum water level in summer. The bridge was flanked by two fortified towers, the Halebija Tower on the right bank and the Tara Tower on the left bank, both dating from to the 17th century. 50 meters away from Villa Marshall!.

• Kriva ćuprija

Beside the famous Old Bridge, there is another ancient bridge in Mostar: the Kriva cuprija (or the Crooked Bridge). It crosses the Rabobolja creek, a right-bank affluent of the Neretva River. The exact date of its construction and the name of its founder are not known, but it is older then Old Bridge. Kriva cuprija is a stone one-arch bridge of small dimension and closely resembles the Stari Most. The arch is a perfect semicircle 8.56m in width and 4.15m in height. The frontage and vault are made of regular stone cubes incorporated into the horizontal layers all along the vault. 60 meters away from Villa Marshall!

The Old Bridge
Kriva ćuprija
Stari Mosta Mostar Stari grad u Mostaru


• Blagaj

Blagaj is a small town in the south-eastern region of the Mostar and is one of the most valuable mixed urban and rural structures in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Blagaj is situated at the spring of the Buna river and a historical tekke. The Blagaj Tekija was built around 1520, with elements of Ottoman architecture and Mediterranean style and is considered a national monument. Besides tourist attractions you will find many restaurants located right beside the river.


The story of Medugorje is well known to most Catholics. In 1981 six teenagers were playing together in the hills between the villages of Medugorje and Bijakovici. It was on this barren hillside that Mother Mary appeared and spoke to them. There has been much controversy over the legitimacy of the visions, but nonetheless, millions of faithful Catholics from all over the world visit this sacred spot every year.

Obilazak tekije u Blagaju Posjeta Medjugorju




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After the restoration of 2004. The old bridge was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is known as the main symbol of Mostar and Herzegovina.



By arrangement with our guests, we do excursions to the diverse destination of Herzegovina.






Mostar offers a lot of shopping possibilites. From the small local shops in the Old Town Centre to one of the biggest shopping malls in Bosna and Herzegovina, the Mepas Mall. This big mall offers you countless shopping opportunities from world famous brands like Zara, Bershka, Benetton, McDonalds, CineStar Multiplex Cinemas....



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